Alaska's foster kids need us. 


We can do better for our most vulnerable children.

Foster or Adopt a Child

There are over 2,500 children in state's care right now. There is an old adage "Many hands make light work." If you have room in your heart and your home for a child consider fostering or adopting a child in need.


Children are our most precious natural resource. By fostering or adopting a foster child you can help nurture a child who needs our help and a litte love--and create a brighter future for that child and everyone they will ever touch.


Foster parents, social workers, case managers, guardian ad litems and court appointed special advocate are the foot soldiers of the foster care system.


They deserve recognition and respect for their service to our children and our communities.


Share the story of a foster care hero you know and we will help to give them the honor and public recognition their service deserves


May is Foster Care Awareness Month! 


Join in the celebration of the hard working men and women who open up their hearts and homes to children in foster care. A full list of Foster Care Awareness Month activities are available at the Alaska Center for Resource Families. 


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Alaskan children need us to speak up and tell our stories. Your fellow Alaskans need to know what it is like to serve as a foster parent, social worker, GAL or CASA. 


We can help you. We can connect you to local newspapers, media and help you brainstorm your story. 

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