Foster Kids First is a coalition of Alaskans who have hands on experience in the foster care system, who believe in the good intentions of those who make up the foster care system, but know that we can and should do better for our most vulnerable children.

What We Do


Bring together those who are working to care for our foster children in support of our individual and collective success.


Raise awareness of the gap between our values as Alaskans that children are our most important natural resource and the level of investment and support for those who are working to care for the 2,300 foster children in Alaska’s foster care system.


There are thousands of heroes that have dedicated themselves to our state foster children as foster parents, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Guardian Ad Litems, Social Workers and more. Foster Kids First celebrates these heroes for their service to our communities.

Our Values

We all care about Alaska's children.

Caring for foster children, ensuring birth parents rights, remaining accountable to the community and elected officials is hard work. We believe that everyone in the foster care system has good intentions and means to do the best for our children. There is nothing to be gained by laying blame on any group or individuals.


Hope for the Future

Given the challenges our foster care system faces, there is much work to be done, but we have hope that we can make a difference by working together and raising awareness.

Each of us can make a difference

Sometimes when a problem is really big, individuals fear that they cannot make a real difference. However, that is only true if we don't work together. Together our voices become a chorus--and a chorus gets heard. 


It is also true that a chorus needs many voices--and we need yours. Please join us. 

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