Making it easier for Alaska Native families to adopt Native foster children: it's good for every

Governor Walker's proposal to streamline the process for Alaska Native families to adopt Alaska Native children is good for everyone.

  1. Alaska's Native Kids: It makes it easier for Alaska Native children to find permanency with families who can support their need for culturally appropriate family. (Alaskan Native kids are

  2. Adoptive parents: It reduces the legal barriers for Alaska Native adults who want to become permanent parents to kids in foster care.

  3. State of Alaska: It moves kids out of foster care and into forever families which will reduce the number of kids in foster care and saving funds.

  4. The rest of us: Kids who grow up in permanent families are happier and more successful than kids who have to live without forever families. That means they become happier and more successful adults too.

Here are a few news stories with more information about the proposal:

Here is the ISER Report" Trends in Age, Gender, and Ethnicity Among Children in Foster Care in Alaska" which is referenced in many of these stories.

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